A Kenai Alaska Insurance Agency - AKA INSURANCE

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Auto Insurance and More

For all of your automobile needs

     - Daily Driver to and from work or to pick up the kids from school.

     - Summer or Winter Vehicle some people have a 2-wheel drive pickup or Rear-wheel drive car that they only use in the summer, then when the weather turns they bring out the 4-wheel drive rig.

     - New Purchase there are many discounts and additional coverage's available for new purchase vehicles. 

Historic and Customized Vehicles

      - Alaska recognizes historic vehicles as anything 30 years or older and is used mainly for exhibitions.  However, we can insure an historic vehicle used more often for example, my beautiful Studebaker from 1960 that I only bring out in the summer.

     - Alaska also recognizes Custom Collector automobiles.  These vehicles are anything pre-1949, they must be road worthy to qualify.